How Construction Costs Can Be Lowered by Using TMT Bars?

How Construction Costs Can Be Lowered by Using TMT Bars?

How Construction Costs Can Be Lowered by Using TMT Bars?

High-strength steel is an essential element of any civil or construction works, used for various applications ranging from auto-body making to machine parts manufacturing, concrete reinforcements, steel construction structures, and more. They provide strength with durability and long life to any kind of construction structure.

But they are expensive and what’s more they also make construction costs expensive.

Worse still, increasing construction activities across the world today has not only resulted in high-demand for steel but also a rapid increase in the cost of steel products. There is especially a growing demand for steel bars with higher strength and elongation due to greater focus on safety and quality norms of construction. Ordinary steel bars have proven to be expensive while also making the construction costs costly. But all of that has changed for the better with the entry of TMT bars.

TMT bars with their unique properties of high strength and elongation resulted in lesser steel quantity consumption, thus reducing the overall cost of construction structures significantly. They also offer better grip as a result of which there is less concrete slips during construction thus cutting down on wastage and eventually conserving costs. In the longer run, good quality TMT bars facilitate enduring bond between varied construction materials resulting in the construction structures lasting through or at more times, longer than their expected lifecycles, with indirect cost savings.


TMT bars play a vital role in the construction industry. They not only ensure high durability and enhance longevity of the construction structures but also offer higher tensile strength and better elongation value, which means lesser steel is needed for the same amount of construction when compared to ordinary steel bars. Further, they also reduce the cost of raw material while saving costs on transportation and storage.

  • LESSER QUANTITY: TMT bars possess higher tensile strength which makes them stronger than ordinary steel bars. So lesser quantity of TMT bars is required for construction structures when compared to other steel bars which further translate into lesser presence of steel onsite and its transportation and storage. All of these reduce the total amount spent on steel.
  • REDUCED LABOUR: TMT bars are more malleable with better weldability than ordinary steel bars. That means they can be easily and swiftly bent into various shapes and also welded using conventional coated electrodes of matching strength while needing precisely no pre-warming or post-heat treatment in manual arc welding. All of these make them easier and faster to be not only transported but also easily handled onsite by construction labor, culminating in reduced cost of construction.
  • MAINTENANCE SAVINGS: The unique special corrosion-resistant features with superior bonding strength allows the TMT bars to stay robust and last long in hot or cold or tropical or saline climates, often longer than their expected lifespan without getting decayed or rusted. This means they offer a high ROI while requiring less maintenance and repair.
  • SOUND PROTECTION: TMT bars are all-weather friendly material with the capability to protect construction structures against natural calamities. Their high ductility gives them enhanced elongation capabilities allowing them to withstand even the severest of earthquakes, and the stress of their sideways movement, staying intact and standing. They also have a high fatigue-resistance with the capability to handle seismic and dynamic loads effectively. So using them in regions prone to frequent natural calamities or even safer regions, means lesser construction costs with longer value for money.
  • FLEXIBILITY / USAGE BENEFITS: A combination of excellent design flexibility, superior weldability / bendability, and ease of use makes TMT bars easier to pre-fabricate parts of the construction points like meshes, frames, etc. Further, the low-carbon content in TMT bars makes them easier and safer to be used in butt-joints and other welded joints without loss of their core-strength. This allows builders to not only build stronger construction structures but also innovative construction structures with aesthetic features.
  • TRANSPORTATION SAVINGS: Extremely light-weight and flexible, TMT bars are easy and swift to assemble and transport. This results in reduced labor and transportation costs facilitating in efficient and lower construction costs.

Thanks to the advanced Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) process, new vistas are opening-up in composite RCC. But re-enforcing steel is extremely expensive consuming 30 to 40% per Cu. M. of concrete. This extra cost can be substantially reduced by using the higher grade steel bar – TMT bar.

TMT bars ductility, elongation and tensile strength has enabled builders to extensively use good quality raw materials in increased numbers without compromising on the quality of construction structures, while ensuring reduced construction costs. Further, the higher yield-strength of TMT bars lowers the steel requirement resulting in reduced cost of construction. From their production in the manufacturing unit to final assembling and application at the construction site with reduced labor works and faster transportation, TMT bars have proven to be extremely budget-friendly, resulting in quality savings


Steel is an extremely critical material that is not only required to sustain the construction structures but also required to sustain the growth of the economy. Its importance can be estimated from the fact that it is the basic input for all kinds of economic activities. The increasing growth of infrastructure projects like roads and highways, bridges, airports, ports, and so on, means that there will be continual sustained demand for good quality TMT bars.

A good quality TMT bar must strike the right balance between toughness and flexibility, with excellent weldability, ductility, and yield-strength. This way, project managers can focus on the project’s scope and implementation.

Currently, there are several grades of TMT bars in the marketplace. The higher the grade, the better the TMT bars are. Herein, Fe 500D Grade TMT Bars offers the perfect balance of strength & flexibility according to IS Standards, well-complemented by exceptional spanning and acoustic noise-dampening capabilities, and dimensional stability over-time. Further, it offers the speed and precision essential for assembling onsite with minimal onsite labor. Hence, it is recommended for all types of construction purposes.

Top manufacturer of TMT steel bars, VINAYAK STEEL INDUSTRIES offers the best-of-its-kind genuine strongest and long-life TMT steel bar Fe-550 that not only provides the perfect blend of high-strength, supreme flexibility, and excellent corrosion-resistance, but also conforms to IS: 1786:2008 BIS standards (a standard equivalent to a number of international standards like ASTM A615 Grade 60 of the USA; BS 444 Grade 460 of Britain; BST 500 of DIN 488 of Germany).

VINAYAK STEEL’s high-grade Fe-550 is extremely robust with guaranteed assurance of top-notch equilibrium, safety and stability to a concrete structure, allied with the ability to greatly resist dynamic loading with varied yield and tensile strength. In every sense, it remains an ideal construction material for coastal, marine or underground construction structures.

Fe-550 TMT steel bars manufactured by VINAYAK STEEL involve the latest technology with robust quality-check processes including intense anti-corrosion testing methodologies, in extreme rusting conditions. Most importantly, every VINAYAK’s Fe-550 steel bar carries a BIS Certification confirming its adherence to IS 1786:2008 (Contains the Standard Mark, Cast / Lot number, Grade, Size, & Corresponding test results).

To extract the best out of VINAYAK STEEL’s Fe-550, it’s advisable that its best selected in accordance with the design requirement of the construction structure.

VINAYAK STEEL, with its well-established in-house infrastructure Capabilities and Capacities plus comprehensive stock of raw material and finished products, is ideally positioned to continually provide the best quality TMT bars for all types of construction needs, for years to come.

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