Confused on which TMT Bar to go for? This will help you decide

Confused on which TMT Bar to go for? This will help you decide

Confused on which TMT Bar to go for? This will help you decide

One of the most, if not the most, important building material for any civil construction is the TMT Steel Bar. TMT, the expanded version of which is Thermo Mechanically Treated are known for their high-strength, sturdy built and robust appearance with the ability to provide better reinforcement to concrete structures. They are the load bearers of the entire structure which includes slabs, beams, columns and the entire paraphernalia that comes with construction including the people and their possessions who will live or use the structure once its construction is complete.  TMT bars not only give strength to structures they help in minimising the effects of damages during any seismic activities, hence are ideal for building earthquake-resistant structures.

Considering TMT Steel Bars play such a critical role in the foundation of construction structures it’s important that careful consideration is taken in choosing the right TMT steel Bars for your construction needs.


Certain vital aspects need to be factored in when choosing the best TMT Steel bars. The factors listed below need to be considered in a combination and not individually to

  • Quality Standard: As a thumb rule make sure you go for TMT Steel bars which are as per the BIS 1786-2008 standard. This standard is equivalent of International Standards, the likes of BST 500 of DIN 488 (Germany), ASTM A615 Grade 60 (the USA), BS 444 Grade 460 (Britain). The BIS 1786-2008 lays down strict guidelines on various mechanical and chemical properties of the TMT bar and hence if it is as per this standard then you can be confident about the quality.
  • GRADE: In India, currently, there are many different grades available of which Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, & Fe-550D are the most common ones used for in building structures. Since the TMT bars are used in the core of the construction structure like beams and columns, it is advisable to go in for a higher-grade TMT steel bars owing to better mechanical and chemical properties. Fe550 and Fe550D steel bars are two of the better grades to of TMT bars currently available in India.
  • FLEXIBILITY:  Flexibility is an essential aspect to consider while choosing the right TMT bar for construction. The construction patterns today may demand bending of TMT bars, if the bars are not flexible or too rigid, they may develop a crack or break and this can be a hazard. Also, the more flexible ones withstand the effects of stress better and for a longer time, they are also in a better position to take sudden shocks due to earthquakes or floods.
  • ELONGATION: Elongation in a TMT Steel Bar is the degree to which it may be bent, stretched, or compressed before it ruptures. This will allow them to last longer and will also be easier to transport thus making it an excellent choice for savings on constructions.
  • BENDABILITY: Construction materials should be easy to use as it will make the construction process better and swifter. Towards this end, it is advisable to go for TMT bars with excellent bendability capabilities which will allow the TMT bars to be moulded into varied shapes and stretched to suit constructional measurements, and bent to suit building designs. This way, they will be able to withstand more structure loads, and will be easy to use in different construction works.
  • THERMAL-RESISTANCE: Fires are a hazard that can never be predicted when they may happen. This is where TMT bars that are robust and strong, with excellent thermal-resistance capabilities, be opted for. This will allow the TMT bars to withstand any type of fire hazards or heat, and makes them more resistant in the event of the fire/heat spreading.  They will also be able to resist the loss of structural strength at higher temperatures.
  • Manufacturer & Certification: The reputation of the manufacturer is an important consideration here. Along with this you also would possibly want to check for the ISO and BIS Certifications of the manufacturer. Vinayak Steels Limited is ISO 9001:2015 certified for its Quality Management Systems and our TMT bars are as per BIS 1786-2008 standards.

Market experts believe that buyers need to go by the NAKED TEST philosophy. Under the NAKED TEST process, the TMT steel bars meet the following essentials:

  • Contain manufacturer’s seal/logo on it.
  • Look less rusty or worn-out.
  • Have ends of each bundle of TMT rods in equal length.

Currently, VINAYAK STEELS offers high-quality Vinayak Fe-550 TMT Steel Bar manufactured in Hyderabad using the THERMEX-QST process. Their TMT bars conform to IS: 1786:2008 BIS standard and the raw materials used are as per BIS 2830-2012 standard.

Extremely cost-effective and robust, the high-grade Fe-550 offered by VINAYAK STEELS assures top-notch equilibrium, safety and stability to the concrete structure, while also providing great resistance on dynamic loading with varied yield and tensile strength.

With its well-established in-house infrastructure capacities and comprehensive stock of raw material and finished products, Vinayak Fe550 TMT bar from Vinayak Steel Industries remains an ideal TMT steel bars for a variety of construction needs in Hyderabad, other parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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