What is the Future of Sustainable Construction?

What is the Future of Sustainable Construction?

What is the Future of Sustainable Construction?

One of the world’s largest banks, HSBC PLC, in its recent report has confirmed that the planet is running out of resources and warned that neither Governments nor companies are prepared for climate change. The report also revealed that the world’s citizens had used up all the planet’s resources for the year 2018 in just seven months.

The construction industry, growing at an ever-fast pace, is one of the sectors that consume huge quantities of resources, many of which are not replenishable, in its quest to build and house the rapidly growing population. Therefore, it is imperative that the construction industry focus on sustainable construction and do its bit to helps maintain the fragile ecological balance.

The construction industry has an important role to play as it accounts for an astonishing 36% of the worldwide energy usage and 40% of C02 emissions.  Further, construction also results in the accumulation of hazardous waste which affects not just the environment, but also the health of people living in such an environment.


Sustainable construction embraces the principles of resource-efficient construction methods and eco-friendly values, for the design, construction, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction of buildings, helping reduce the environmental impact of building structures.

The approach should be to protect the environment by adopting new methods and technologies where the usage of energy, water, land, and raw materials is minimized; and, emissions, waste and pollution footprint can be reduced.

To achieve sustainable construction, the following techniques need to be incorporated:

  • GREEN BUILDING MATERIALS: Source building material from renewable sources. Recycle material at the end of a building’s lifespan; and, minimize leakage by better insulation. If the industry does adopt these measures, we will not only save on resources but also reduce waste which only ends up in landfills.
  • FLEXIBLE CONSTRUCTION DESIGN: Sustainable design technique makes construction extremely flexible thereby ensuring that the space is functional for more than one function. Static spaces can be used optimally, and builders can reduce excess material usage and save-up on precious resources.
  • MODULAR CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES: Modular construction technique helps builders to design structures within a controlled environment faster with maximum resource efficiency and minimum resources wastage, at competitive costs. This helps prevent environmental pollution and rubbish accumulation while ensuring excellent material usage, quality, and reliability.
  • ZERO ENERGY METHODOLOGY:  By incorporating zero-energy methodology through renewable energy sources like solar and wind power; energy-efficient indoor appliances; and efficient air ventilation systems, builders can build more efficient, durable, and sustainable building structures, with zero-net impact on the environment.

Sustainable construction also makes building structures resilient against the vagaries of inclement weather from cyclones to bushfires,

For sustainable construction, it’s imperative that there is an effective collaboration of all stakeholders from the Government to manufacturers, construction industry practitioners, and the general public, at various levels. Awareness of effective information dissemination in a transparent manner to all stakeholders is important.

While steel itself is energy and carbon-intensive, its permanent nature, its 100% recyclability combined with its strength, versatility and affordability make it an ideal candidate for sustainable construction. Its recyclability and its many innovative usages far outweigh the energy and carbon-intensive steel production process.

Leading manufacturer of high-grade steel reinforcement bars, Vinayak Steels Limited in its own way is playing a key role in achieving sustainability excellence in the construction sector, by supplying TMT steel bars that confirm with the design requirements of building structures.

With its well-established in-house infrastructure facility plus comprehensive stock of virgin raw material and finished products, and a strong workforce of skilled employees, Vinayak Steel Limited is well-positioned to adapt to the changing landscape of construction, and developing trends that will define sustainable construction in the future.

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