Why Are TMT Bars Necessary for Construction?

Why Are TMT Bars Necessary for Construction?

Why Are TMT Bars Necessary for Construction?

When you talk about important materials used in a building, two materials stand above the rest, these are Steel Bars and Cement. Not only do they provide the extra strength to a building foundation, but also act as a solid reinforcement in RCC structures.

There was a time when concrete was a preferred choice of builders, but it had its weaknesses – Was extremely vulnerable to tension though strong in compression and this was an imbalance that the builder’s were confronted with. Thanks to technology, the world today is grateful to have TMT Steel Bars.

TMT Steel Bars not only offer high tensile strength and support to a building structure but they also are highly durable and seismic (earthquake) resistant because of their considerable high elongation property.

TMT Steel Bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel Bars), also called as Reinforcement Bar or Rebar in Civil Engineering terminology, are referred to as high-strength reinforcement bars with a tough outer core and a soft inner core.

What makes TMT Bars a preferred choice

  • UNIQUE RIB DESIGN:TMT Bars possess a unique RIB design which helps them to bond better with concrete or cement while also providing them with a superior binding strength
  • EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT:The unique elongation property of TMT Bars gives it the ability to elongate without altering its actual measurement or quality. This is extremely beneficial in earthquake prone areas where it’s used as a construction material
  • CORROSION RESISTANT: The ability to resist rust and corrosion helps TMT Bars to remain stable and workable over a longer period of time, without getting worn-out
  • FIRE RESISTANT: High thermal stability gives TMT Bars the ability to withstand extreme temperatures from 400 to 600 degree Celsius. This will ensure that building’s structural stability stays strong, unaffected by the effects of fire
  • SUPERIOR BENDING CAPABILITY: High degree of elasticity allows TMT Bars to bend when needed for construction purposes
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH: Hard outer surface with soft inner-core not only makes it 20% stronger than conventional steel bars but also allows it to pass through even the toughest of water cooling systems and stay intense cooled
  • SUPREMELY FLEXIBLE:Incredibly flexible, TMT Bars can be moulded into required steel frames without any effect on its strength and other utility factors
  • LESS RESIDUAL STRESS: Better manufacturing process and latest technology gives TMT Bars an edge over the conventional steel bars, with better tensile strength
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: When TMT Bars outlive their utility value, they can be recycled and reused without any loss of quality

Extremely easy to transport due to its lightweight built, TMT Bars with their longer and better durability, and weldability as well as higher tensile strength and better elongation value, enhance the pace of the construction process, while ensuring that lesser steel is used for the same amount of construction. This in turn helps reduce the cost of raw materials as well as costs of transportation and storage. Further, being easier to manage on-site, TMT Bars are extremely cost-effective, while providing for quality cost-savings.

For cost-effective and robust TMT steel bars that offer top-notch equilibrium, safety, and stability to the concrete structure, there are a few better names than Vinayak Steels Limited, an integrated steel plant located in Hyderabad, India.

A leading manufacturer of high-grade TMT steel bars, Vinayak Steels Limited offers supreme quality genuine strongest and long-life Fe 550 TMT Bars, which are, today, extensively used in varied construction projects from independent houses high-rise residential buildings to long-span bridges and flyovers, dams, and roads . Available in diameters ranging from 8mm to 32mm, these TMT Bars can be selected in accordance with the design requirements of the building structure.

With its well established in-house infrastructure facilities and capacities plus comprehensive stock of virgin raw material and finished products, Vinayak Steels Limited is the ideal choice for Fe550 TMT steel bars for all types of construction needs.

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