The first step towards a sturdy construction is its foundation which will ensure that it remains functional and holds its value years down the road. Next is the combination of materials that contribute certain characteristics to construction structures; strength being one of the most critical. Balancing strength are cost, aesthetics, structural integrity, and above all, longevity. When talking of strength, the talk veers around to how well it stands up to stress. Among building materials, STEEL holds a unique place. An ideal material for large, multi-storey buildings and manufacturing / industrial facilities, STEEL is strong without being extremely heavy; can stand up to moisture; is not susceptible to fire and termites; and most importantly, can last much longer than wood. In addition, STEEL is an extremely flexible building material that can accommodate wide, open designs while maintaining the construction’s structural integrity, and enabling more unconventional construction shapes. In short, STEEL is extremely consistent and predictable that facilitates precise craftsmanship Today’s steel comes in varied types and among them, TMT steel bars is the best, known for its extreme durability and longevity.


TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bars are the backbone of the modern construction industry, used in every conceivable mode of construction from homes to skyscrapers, bridges, dams, underwater structures, and just about every category of construction concrete structure. TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) Bar, also called as Reinforcing Bar or Rebar in CIVIL ENGINEERING terminology, is a high-strength reinforcement bar with a tough outer core and soft inner core. Since its inception in the marketplace, it has time and again proven itself as a quality construction material for reinforcing concrete structures. Today, TMT bars are commonly used as tensioning device to reinforce concrete, helping it resist compressive forces. Renowned for its high-strength, sturdy built and robust appearance with the capability to provide better reinforcement to any concrete structure, TMT Steel Bar made of high-strength steel not only helps to minimize the effects of damages during any seismic activities but also offers the perfect optimum balance between toughness and flexibility (Elongation). Further, it also possesses high yield strength and greater tensile strength, flexibility, and ductility than mild steel.

Presently, TMT bars are available in different grades like Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, Fe-550D, and Fe-600; each grade comes with own unique hard outer crust and a soft inner core.


Generally regarded as a market-standard across many construction projects, Fe- 550 offers the ideal combination of unique design, high corrosion-resistance, excellent elasticity, and superior strength.

  • ROBUSTLY STRONG: Advanced thermo-mechanical treatment process used in manufacturing makes it at least 20-25% stronger than most other bars of its kind. This way it stays strong and ductile and retains its toughness even when deformed.
  • EXTREMELY DUCTILE: Fe-550 offers a high percentage of elongation which ensures the chances of damage to a construction structure during natural calamities like earthquakes or floods, is minimal.
  • EXTREMELY WELDABLE: Extremely flexible and weldable, a Fe-550 TMT bar can be bended and molded into any shape for a construction project. This is made possible thanks to its soft ferrite-pearlite core that gives it high ductility, great strength and enhanced safety with the ability to bend and re- bend when required. In addition, its low carbon content allows it to be used in weld joints and butt without the joints strength getting affected in any way.
  • VERY CORROSION-RESISTANT: Blessed with excellent corrosion-resistant properties, it can stay exposed to extreme sunlight and extensive moisture and in water for long periods without in any way getting affected. This way, it protects and increases a construction structure’s lifespan.
  • EXTREMELY FATIGUE-RESISTANT: Every Fe-550 TMT bar has a soft ferrite-pearlite core with high stress-yield. This helps it to withstand any kind of loading including sudden loads and seismic loads allied with the capability to resist pressure and fatigue, thus making it most ideal for constructions in earthquake-prone areas.
  • GOOD BONDING CAPACITY: Bonds very well with cement or concrete, made possible due to the ribs running across its length on the surface. This in turn equips it with superior bonding strength thus facilitating the longevity of a construction structure.

Fe-550 TMT bars also

  • Possess low carbon content;
  • Offers ease of bending, re-bending, and reverse bending;
  • Can be butt-welded / lap welded; &
  • Can maintain the same high strength even with the passage of time .

Every Fe-550 TMT bar comes with a chemical composition of (% max) – Carbon: 0.30; Sulphur: 0.055; Phosphorous: 0.050; & S+P: 0.100 and mechanical properties comprising of minimum yield strength of 550 N/sq.mm; ultimate yield strength of 585N/sq.mm; elongation (%): 10; & ration (UTS/YS): ≥ 1.06. Thanks to its many multi-faceted benefits, Fe-550 can be used in constructions ranging from industrial and large-format infrastructure projects to bridges, and structures requiring high load-bearing capacities. It is especially suitable for constructions in coastal and marine areas as well as underground environments. When looking to choose the right TMT bars, factoring in their strength based on their grades, is important. The higher the grade, the better the TMT bars are. It is here that Fe 500D Grade TMT Bars ranks very high, providing the ideal confluence of strength & flexibility in line with IS Standards. Further, their extreme flexibility in line with the same norms makes them ideal for all types of constructions. When it comes to the best choice for Fe-550 TMT bars, there is no better name than VINAYAK STEELS, top TMT steel bars manufacturer.


Leading TMT steel bars manufacturer, VINAYAK STEEL INDUSTRIES offers the finest of genuine strongest and long-life TMT steel bar Fe-550, that conform to IS: 1786:2008 BIS standards (a standard equivalent to a number of international standards like ASTM A615 Grade 60 of the USA; BS 444 Grade 460 of Britain; BST 500 of DIN 488 of Germany). The Thermex TMT bars are produced in the size range of 8mm to 32mm as per BIS 1786-2008 norms. The raw material used for production is in line with BIS 2830-2012 norms, produced in-house from the integrated facilities of pellet/sponge-iron/ concast Billet transformed from ore to steel within the manufacturing plant premises. Powered by the latest technology, every Fe-550 TMT Bar undergoes robust quality-check process including extreme anti-corrosion testing methodology, in intense rusting conditions. VINAYAK STEEL’s high-grade Fe-550 TMT Bar has proven time and again its extreme robustness and strength. Add to this, it also guarantees top-notch equilibrium, safety and stability to a concrete structure; and great resistance on dynamic loading with varied yield and tensile strength. The high caliber of its quality can be estimated from the fact that every VINAYAK’s Fe-550 TMT Bar, carries a BIS Certification confirming adherence to IS 1786:2008 (Contains the Standard Mark, Cast / Lot number, Grade, Size, & Corresponding test results).

An ideal construction material for all kinds of construction structures from coastal, to marine or underground, VINAYAK STEEL’s Fe-550 TMT Bars are best selected in accordance with the design requirement of a construction structure.

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