What are the Attributes of Good TMT Bars?

What are the Attributes of Good TMT Bars?

What are the Attributes of Good TMT Bars?

When we talk about the construction industry, the word ‘STEEL’ cannot be far behind. For a long time now, STEEL has been a prominent factor and its importance has only grown manifold for the sheer reason that it determines the structural strength and stability of construction structures.

When it comes to STEEL, TMT steel bars stands high in the order. One of the major components used in construction, TMT steel bars holds the concrete blocks together, providing the much needed strength to the structure.

TMT (stands for Thermo Mechanically Treated) Bar, also called as Reinforcing Bar or Rebar in CIVIL ENGINEERING terminology, is described as a high-strength reinforcement bar with a tough outer core and soft inner core. Ever since its introduction, it has proven to be extremely viable for reinforcing concrete structures. Today, TMT bars are commonly used as tensioning device to reinforce concrete, thereby helping it resist compressive forces.


TMT bar is blessed with valued attributes which makes it as the best construction material choice for any concrete construction.

  • STRENGTH: TMT bars have extraordinary strength which allows it to help a building structure acquire 20% extra strength. All of it built with the same amount of steel as used in conventional steel bars.
  • ELONGATION: TMT bars with their hard-outer layer and soft inner-core can elongate in a way that will make the building structure strong and flexible, well-insured from the dangers of natural calamities, like earthquake and so on.
  • BENDABILITY: TMT bars possess excellent elasticity thanks to their built. This equips them with excellent bending and re-bending properties, which helps buildings stay firm and strong in times of natural calamities and other such dangers.
  • WELDABILITY: Low-carbon ingredient in TMT bars makes it a viable choice for hassle-free welding works. Furthermore, TMT bars require no pre- or post-welding treatment, which makes it easier for construction purposes.
  • FATIGUE-RESISTANCE: The outer layer of a TMT bar is imbibed with solid strength which allows it to help a building structure withstand any kind of dynamic loading, and other fatigue related factors which can otherwise be dangerous.
  • SEISMIC RESISTANCE: With its excellent concrete bond of soft ferrite-pearlite core and reinforcement strength, TMT bars helps firm up the tensile strength of a building structure. This allows it to absorb a greater amount of energy released during an earthquake, and ensure the longevity of building structures.
  • FIRE-RESISTANCE: The higher thermal stability of TMT bars allows it to retain more than 80% of its ambient temperature yield strength at 300°. This will ensure that building concrete structures remains safe in fire hazards.
  • FLEXIBILITY: TMT bars are extremely flexible which allows it to endure high temperature and humidity levels.

In addition to the above attributes, TMT bars are also corrosion-resistant, which allows it to sustain a building structure’s durability and liveability.

Before you buy a TMT bar, make sure that you’re buying a good quality, Consistency cost-effective TMT bar of a trusted manufacturer synonymous with quality TMT as per BIS 1786-2008 standard. When it comes to choosing a quality Fe550 TMT bar, there are few better choices than the Vinayak Fe550 TMT manufactured at its integrated steel complex at Kottur Hyderabad.

A premier manufacturer of high quality Fe550 TMT steel bars, Vinayak Steels Limited, offers genuine strong and long-life qualityTMT steel bars that assure top-grade equilibrium, safety and stability to concrete structures. With its well-established in-house infrastructure capabilities and capacities plus comprehensive stock of raw material and finished products, Vinayak Steels Limited remains the perfect choice for TMT steel bars for all types of construction needs.

Today, Vinayak Fe550 grade TMT bars manufactured by Vinayak Steels Limited are extensively used in varied construction projects from high-rise residential buildings to long-span bridges and flyovers; etc. Available in different thickness, the TMT bars can be selected in accordance with the design requirement of the construction structure.

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