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Established in 1987, Vinayak Steels is Telangana’s first integrated steel plant with an annual capacity to produce 108,000 tonnes of TMT bars.

Vinayak Steel is the only steel manufacturer, in Telangana, with a captive Palettization Plant, Sponge Iron Plant, Steel Melting Shop, Continuous Casting and Rolling Mills all situated in its steel plant at Kottur.

The promoters of Vinayak Steel have a strong track record in managing diverse businesses and are backed by experienced industry veterans and professionals who have had a long stint in India’s steel industry.


Our vision is to be known, the world over, as one of the most reliable producer of quality TMT bars.


Our mission is to produce quality TMT bars for the infrastructure and the construction industries and to play our part in India’s growth story.


[evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” icon_library=”fontawesome” title_tag=”h4″ icon_color=”#020202″ title=” QUALITY ASSURANCE LABORATORY ” title_color=”#1b2950″ text=”State-of-art, fully functional, In-House Quality Assurance Laboratory with Spectrometer for Chemical Analysis and Universal Testing Machine for Physical Test of Steel. Stringent quality control plan is implemented at every step of manufacturing process.” text_color=”#4f4f4f” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user-o” icon_size=”40px” custom_icon=”2301″][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” icon_library=”fontawesome” title_tag=”h4″ icon_color=”#020202″ title=” MANUFACTURING FACILITIES ” title_color=”#1b2950″ text=”IRON ORE TO TMT BARS: Entire manufacturing facility, right from Receipt of Iron Ore, Pellet Plant, Sponge Iron production, Steel Melting (SMS), Continuous Casting of Billets (CCM) and Hot Charging to Rolling Mill for production of TMT Bars, are available within the premises. 1 st Integrated Steel Plant in the State of Telangana.” text_color=”#4f4f4f” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user-o” icon_size=”40px” custom_icon=”2304″][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” icon_library=”fontawesome” title_tag=”h4″ icon_color=”#020202″ title=” FULL FLEDGED MACHINE SHOP” title_color=”#1b2950″ text=”In-House Machine Shop for various processes requirement including automatic Roll Branding and stamping machine for TMT Bars.” text_color=”#4f4f4f” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user-o” icon_size=”40px” custom_icon=”2306″][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” icon_library=”fontawesome” title_tag=”h4″ icon_color=”#020202″ title=” BEST IN CLASS PROCESS CONTROL EQUIPMENTS” title_color=”#1b2950″ text=”Environmental friendly, Process and Emission Control Equipment at all stages of production.” text_color=”#4f4f4f” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user-o” icon_size=”40px” custom_icon=”2310″][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” icon_library=”fontawesome” title_tag=”h4″ icon_color=”#020202″ title=”CERTIFICATION” title_color=”#1b2950″ text=”Awarded BIS Certification for all the process & products (IS: 2830- 2012 for Billets & IS: 1786-2008 for TMT Bars) and Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015).” text_color=”#4f4f4f” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user-o” icon_size=”40px” custom_icon=”2328″]


Vinayak Steels began operations in 1987. Our vision, when we began operations, was to contribute to the growth of our nation by supporting sectors such as infrastructure as well as the residential and commercial construction industry. Instead of diversifying into multiple products, we decided to focus on building TMT bars, and today, I am proud of the role we have played and of the quality of our products.

Today, Vinayak Steels is the only integrated steel plant in Telangana which makes steel from iron ore which is then processed to produce quality TMT bars. Our steel plant at Kottur, spread over 11 acres, manufactures steel, using multiple processes – from putting together raw material to steel making, rolling and shaping, all under one roof.

The Indian Steel industry, which has been driven by the interplay of market forces since the abolition of price regulations in the early 1990s, is today poised for growth and expansion into new geographies. We at Vinayak Steels are ready for the future, ready to change and adapt, ever ready to support India’s growth story.