Steel is one of the most critical inputs not only for all kinds of economic activities but also for sustaining the growth of the Indian economy. Thanks to the Government’s thrust on infrastructure and housing over the past decade, India saw a dramatic rise in demand for TMT steel bars.

What led to such a demand?

TMT bar’s ability to thrust extremely high strength to construction structures; improve their longevity; enable them to effectively withstand any kind of stress and load; and above all, secure the structures from any further damage.

Round plain steel ruled the roost in the construction industry well up to the nineteen sixties. Then TOR steel took over and maintained its supremacy till the nineteen nineties. It was the late 1990s that saw the arrival of Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) steel bars ushering in greater economy and longer-life span for RCC structures. Today, TMT bars are extensively used in varied categories of constructions ranging from general purpose concrete reinforcement structures to bridges, flyovers, dams, thermal and hydel power plants, industrial structures, high-rise buildings, underground platforms, rapid transport systems, and many more.


TMT (stands for Thermo Mechanically Treated) Bar, also called as Reinforcing Bar or Rebar in CIVIL ENGINEERING terminology, is described as a high-strength reinforcement bar with a tough outer core and soft inner core. Ever since its introduction, it has time and again proven to be extremely viable for reinforcing concrete structures. Today, TMT bars are commonly used as tensioning device for reinforcing concrete, helping it resist compressive forces.

Known for its high-strength, sturdy built and robust appearance with the capability to provide better reinforcement to any concrete structure, TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) Steel Bars are ideal for building earthquake-resistant structures. They not only help to minimize the effects of damages during any seismic activities but they also offer the perfect optimum balance between toughness and flexibility (Elongation). Further, they also possess high yield strength and greater tensile strength, flexibility, and ductility than mild steel.


TMT bars are blessed with several quality attributes, making them the best construction material choice for any construction structure.

STRENGTH: TMT bars possess extraordinary strength when compared to normal steel bars which allows them to help a building structure acquire 20% extra strength. The deformation on the surface of TMT bars helps in reducing the slippage in concrete which in turn helps in strengthening the bond with the concrete. More importantly, all of it built with the same amount of steel as used in conventional steel bars.

ELONGATION: The higher the percentage of elongation, the lesser is the chances of damage to construction structures. TMT bars with their hard outer layer and soft inner-core can elongate in a way that make construction structures strong and flexible, well-insured from the dangers of natural calamities, like earthquake and so on.

BENDABILITY: TMT bars possess excellent elasticity thanks to their built. This in turn equips them with excellent bending and re-bending properties, thus making them the easiest materials to work with the capability to bend and molded into any shape during a construction project. This helps construction structures to stay firm and strong even in adverse circumstances caused by natural calamities and other such dangers.

WELDABILITY: Low-carbon ingredient in TMT bars makes them a viable choice for hassle-free welding works. Furthermore, TMT bars require no pre or post-welding treatment, which makes them easier for construction purposes. Thus, construction designers and architects can create innovative structures without compromising in any way, the quality of the structures and strength of the TMT bars.

FATIGUE-RESISTANCE: TMT bars outer layer is extremely strong with high fatigue-resistant property which enable construction structures withstand any kind of pressure, dynamic loading, and other fatigue related factors which otherwise can be dangerous. Similarly, the soft ferrite-pearlite core of the TMT bars enables them to withstand any kind of loading including seismic loading. No wonder, they are considered the most suitable construction material for earthquake prone areas.

SEISMIC RESISTANCE: With its excellent concrete bond of soft ferrite- pearlite core and reinforcement strength, TMT bars can firm up tensile strength of construction structures. This also allows them to absorb a greater amount of energy released during an earthquake, and also ensure the longevity of building structures.

FIRE-RESISTANCE: The higher thermal stability of TMT bars allows them to retain more than 80% of the ambient temperature yield strength at 300°. This helps the construction structures to stay safe and secure during fire disasters.

CORROSION RESISTANCE: Thanks to their manufacturing process and processing of raw materials, TMT bars stay highly resistant to corrosion. During any construction works, the TMT bars can stay exposed to water for a longer period without in any way getting affected. Traditional bars do not possess the anti-corrosive properties of TMT bars and hence remain vulnerable to rusting.

FLEXIBILITY: TMT bars are extremely flexible which allows them to endure high temperature and humidity levels. In addition, they do not crack or break even after turning and bending 180 degrees.

BONDING: TMT bars also bond better with cement. This is possible due to the superior bonding strength of the ribs on the surface of the TMT bars that run across the entire length. Combined with superior strength, TMT bars’ strong bonding capabilities allows them to help build strong structures with concrete or cement, while providing them superior strength and increasing their longevity.

SPACE SAVINGS: Today there isn’t much space for construction in big cities. TMT bars with its higher strength than normal steel bars allows for lesser quantity or volume of load bearing columns or structures to be built than what is allowed by normal steel bars that needs more quantity of bars leading to increase in buildup volume / lesser space.

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: Steel generally has the highest recycling rate of any material, at more than 88%. Among steel bars, TMT steel bars can be recycled without compromising on quality.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Thanks to higher elongation, light-weight and flexibility, TMT bars are easy to transport, maintain, and also easy to create and assemble the required steel frames in the manufacturing industry. This in turn increases the pace of construction and ensures better cost-efficiencies, when compared to other steel bars.

TMT bars also act as a solid reinforcement with concrete that allow them to protect the structure of a building from any kind of wear and tear that may occur during natural disasters. Further, they have proved time and again their extreme viability for reinforced structures, minimizing the damages, and creating resistance against compressive forces.

TMT bars do not undergo any kind of residual stress and physical deformation compared to other steel bars. Their high dimension tolerance, further allows for their lesser consumption when compared to other steel bars. Most importantly, they are more affordable with the best quality.


Top TMT steel bars manufacturer, VINAYAK STEEL INDUSTRIES offers high-class genuine strongest and long-life TMT steel bar Fe-550, which conforms to IS: 1786:2008 BIS standards (a standard equivalent to a number of international standards like ASTM A615 Grade 60 of the USA; BS 444 Grade 460 of Britain; BST 500 of DIN 488 of Germany).

Vinayak Steel Industries is the only integrated steel plant in the states of Andhra Pradesh/Telangana to possess pelletization plant, sponge iron plant, and steel melting shop, with continuous casting and rolling mill, all at one premises, with state-of-the-art technology – THERMEX – QST Process. The TMT bars manufacturing process in Vinayak Steel is driven by an innovative method of direct charging of continuous cast billets to rolling mill. This result in high energy savings, increased production capacity, reduced burning loss, decreased rolling defects and better surface finish of the finished TMT bar.

The state of the art THERMEX- QST rebar technology process employed in Vinayak Steel Industries, also results in an intense and precise inline quenching of the TMT rolled bar, culminating in hardened periphery. On further cooling of the TMT bar in atmosphere, a thermal exchange (THERMEX) takes place between the core and cooled outside Martensite surface, where by the resultant bar structure is a distinct Tempered Martensite at periphery and a fine grained Ferrite-Pearlite structure in the central zone, eventually culminating in superior mechanical properties.

The high-grade Fe-550 TMT bars offered by VINAYAK STEEL are extremely robust with the assurance of top-notch equilibrium, safety and stability to a concrete structure, as well as great resistance to dynamic loading with varied yield and
tensile strength. Further, their high strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance allows them to enhance the durability of construction structures.

They are conditioned through thermo-mechanical process to increase tensilestrength; when the concrete is reinforced with these bars, the bars offer stiff resistance to shearing forces. They also impart the structure with the needed strength and flexibility to withstand high-seismic activities and even high-velocity windstorms.

Vinayak Steels Fe-550 TMT bars can also resist fire incidents with a very high melting-point; bend instantly with concrete; make working far easier at construction sites; and above all give exceptional results in line with the BIS standards. They also have very few or negligible surface flaws compared to regular bars, thanks to the strict implementation of Quality Assurance right from the raw material stage to the finished product stage.

The consistent high-quality and purity of Vinayak Steels Thermex TMT bars Fe-550and its Quality Management System at par with international standards, with a well audited quality system, that ensures quality checks on continuous basis at every stage of production, has been acknowledged in the form of the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification. Most importantly, Vinayak Steel’s Fe-550 TMT bars ensure around 15-17% savings in steel.

An ideal construction material for all kinds of construction structures from coastal,to marine or underground, VINAYAK STEEL’s Fe-550 TMT Bars are best selected in accordance with the design requirement of a construction structure.

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